I was out a few weeks back with a friend of mine who had just received a long overdue raise.  Like many others, she has been doing the work of 2 people and after months of asking for some type of compensation, it was finally approved.

We went out for dinner and did a little shopping at a local craft market afterwards.  She saw this amazing necklace but walked away from it because of its cost.  She then spent the next hour looking at the other stalls for gifts to take back home to her children.  All the time I could see that she was thinking about the jewelry stall we had visited.

This got me thinking, she had been busting her butt for months and finally got monetary payments from the company she worked for, but still she found it hard to get herself something to celebrate this occasion.

Is this the norm for women?  Do we still find it hard to celebrate our milestones no matter there size?

Wouldn’t it be more powerful and empowering to each of us if we started celebrating our accomplishments? No matter how big or small they are, why shouldn’t we celebrate every one of them?

Maybe not always with jewelry the we feel is expensive, it could even be a box of our favorite chocolates or a nice cup of coffee in that little coffee shop while having an hour to sit and relax.  How different we would feel if we even celebrated each accomplishment that we had made, and did something just for us?

Is that so wrong to want to do that and not feel guilty for taking the time or spending the extra money, after all we earned it… right?

So I’m giving you some homework, find one thing this week to celebrate and then let us know what it was so we can all celebrate with you. Tell us what you accomplished (big or small) and show us a picture of how you celebrated.

Remember, your accomplishment may not be signing the next million dollar contract, it may simply be getting out of bed on a day where you didn’t feel like you could move. All it has to be IS YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT WE CAN ALL CELEBRATE WITH YOU.


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