NOTE:  The world “Solution” in this blog is an answer to a complex set of questions. In this circumstance relating to a multi day conference 


In this new Covid-19 lifestyle we all find ourselves in, many companies are taking their face-to-face meetings they intended to have for 2020 and turning them into virtual meetings or sometimes even a Hybrid version of the two (this will be addressed in another blog post).  This new way of bringing people together is great and as a planner, we are all getting dozens and dozens of emails from “platform” companies that want you to believe that all you have to do is purchase their platform and Boom…you have a virtual meeting.  Your one, two or three day conference will now have everything you need and function just the way you want it too.

Remember the saying, “If it is too good to be true, it must be” or lets say “All that glitters is not gold”? This is like all you have to do is sign a hotel or venue contract and Boom…you have a multi-day event.  

Just like there are different types of sessions and different ways of presenting information, there are different platforms or apps for various parts of your virtual event.   Instead of searching for a “platform” to hold your event, you need to look to a professional who is experienced in doing the research into the kind of virtual event you want to have and will work with you to come up with a Virtual SOLUTION for your conference encompassing many different platforms or apps.


As someone who has worked on many of these types of Virtual Solutions for my clients, there are also other aspects of Virtual Conferences you may not realize.   Did you know that certain platforms your speakers may not be able to use depending on their company’s infrastructure?  Did you know that you need to worry about upload/download speeds on wifi?  Have you considered your branding and the perception of your company that this event will have?  There is a whole checklist of items that need to be thought through, not only in the initial stages of planning, but also in the final product so that it meets your company’s needs and the messaging you want to get to your attendees.

So let me know, is this a different way of looking at Virtual Meetings or did you already know they could be just as complex as an face-to-face meeting? 


In other News:

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