I’ve had the opportunity lately to watch many different types of people in various countries over the last few weeks as I traveled abroad for vacation.   One night I was in this very busy Rome pizzeria and sat at a table closest to the pizza oven and watched impeccable team work. When pizzas came out of the brick oven, piping hot it didn’t matter who was waiting the table or even if they worked at the bar, the pizza was delivered to the patron’s table not a degree cooler than when it came from the oven.


So I started to think about my own world, when you own your own company and have people working for you, do you see yourself as a Ruler or a Team Player?  Are there really benefits to either?


From my own personal experience; I know from working in the business world I have always tried to never ask someone whether on my team or a supplier;  to do something that I wouldn’t do myself (within reason and skillset of course). While executing conferences, I’ve moved tables, put linens on banquet rounds, served food and even cleaned meeting rooms between sessions to ensure an event went off smoothly and as flawlessly as possible for my employer/client. At the end of just about everyone of my events, I have hugged every member of my team; whether they worked for the same company as I did, worked for a supplier and even the hotelier that the event was held at. At the end of the day, we are all ONE TEAM working together for the client, all that matters is that the event (in the client’s eyes) went off without a hitch and everyone was happy. Is it then a coincidence then that many of my clients past and present say that I can pull off a near perfect event?  I think not. I don’t see my work ethic ever changing, and I don’t see this as a bad thing. I don’t manage from a pedestal, I manage from the trenches right alongside the rest of my team.


Tell me and everyone reading the comments below,  all about your most admired or loathed manager. How did  this person impact the way you handle and manage your team today?


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