With the holidays fast  approaching, I write this as I find myself once again opening  my grandmother’s recipe box. I know her holiday recipes by heart without even having to pick up this card, but there is something about reading it in my grandmother’s handwriting that comforts me.  I know I’m never truly alone.

Sadly this isn’t the case for many women around the world.  As women, we are so caught up in everyday living. Looking after our families and working that we fail to see all of the women around us that could be a support network and that shoulder that we sometimes need to lean on.  I did that for countless decades before I started my own business; and now I watch so many women missing out, as I did.

Here are some ideas where to increase the size of your pride:

Caring for Family

Some women spend their days caring for their children or maybe other family members.  I can tell you having cared for my parents individually when they were ill, this is a lonely time.  But it doesn’t have to be. I bet there are other people who you know, that if you just reached out to, would either send words of encouragement or even offer a helping hand to get your through the bad days.


Let’s face it motherhood is the most exhilarating and the most troublesome time in many women’s lives.  You never feel like you have it right or that you are doing enough. Trust me when I tell you, you are doing it right (because there is no doing it wrong) and there are many many women who feel just like you.  


And as many of you are reading this blog, you have careers.  Unfortunately, for many the day to day of working for someone or on a team with others, is often the most trying.  After doing it myself for decades, I thought I would actually lose my mind if I didn’t get some relief from the atmosphere. Towards the end, I actually thought corporate life had sucked out my soul.  

But it doesn’t have to….look around you (No, really take a look).  Find the women who you have something in common with. Really get to know these women and yes, you will have many differences, but the things you have in common could become priceless.  I fear that this is an area of our lives we don’t do enough of.  We see other women for what we know on the surface, not what really makes them up.  

So make yourself a promise, reach out to another one, or maybe even two women within the next week.  Really find out what you have in common. These women could become the beginning of making up your support network and what I like to call your PRIDE.  Lionesses only work as a team in the wild or they starve and their cubs die.  If the Queens of the jungle can do it, why can’t we?

Let’s make a little pact with each other, I would love to hear your stories about reaching out to that one or two people this next week and find out what you learnt.

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