I found myself earlier this year having the honor of being awarded an industry award from a reputable trade publication. They named me one of the “Top Women Leaders in the Meetings Industry”.

This recognition was not something I had ever thought of nor thought that others saw me worthy of, so it came as a huge shock as you can imagine.  I am the one that can plan the award ceremony for others, but the one walking the stage and accepting my own award wasn’t something I ever thought nor dreamt of.

On the day of the award ceremony there was also a  Woman’s Summit with amazing content and speakers.  As the presenters went through their messaging, I realized that after decades of working in the industry I’ve been sitting on the sidelines and never really gave anything back.

During my time at the Women’s Summit I learned that although some 70% of all positions in this industry are filled by women, when you looked at upper management, less than ¼ of those positions were filled by women…why is this?

This is when I made a promise to myself, that as an industry leader I needed to help the next generation of young women who will be filling our shoes in the coming decades, through mentoring and educating them with the tools that they will need to succeed.  This is when the idea of the “Power of WE” came to mind.

I want to establish a dialog with the women who have been paving the way for the next generation and helping to enlighten those new to the industry with the knowledge and roadmap on how to build and follow your dreams, not only in the hospitality industry, but those women everywhere who may have the entrepreneurial spirit in them to start their own companies.

So I invite you to join me in the “Power of WE” by making a commitment to start each day embracing this idea of “Women Empowerment” and sharing your knowledge and encouragement with other women in our industry and all over the world.

Together WE can make a difference, together WE can make a change for women everywhere. Bringing all of us into one essential entity of Empowerment.

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Joan EIsenstodt · June 1, 2018 at 8:32 pm

Mazel tov and thank you. Like you I was long ago named one of the women “driving” the industry. Irony: I don’t drive. Or didn’t then. Now a mobility scooter. But I digress.

Thank you for using “women” v “ladies”. For me and others there is a distinction.

Asked over the years in groups of women in our industry who was a feminist, few wanted to use the word. And reading about your epiphany of learning to be ON the stage v behind it “aw, shucksing” that it’s nothing really is huge! We are very bad at taking credit which may explain part of why so few women are in top positions.

There are other factors of course – bc regardless of marriage or partnership status, we still do it all and sometimes we just don’t want more.

So much fodder for discussion. Glad you’ve begun.

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