Recently my team has been asked to explain a little more on what is involved in “Speaker Management”.  What once was just a task in a long list for “In Person” conferences has now moved itself into the day to day planning of most educational series (webinars)/events/conferences.

How do our clients benefit from our speaker management services?

Our speaker management clients gain hours of their time and energy back in their days by contracting our company to manage all of their speaker management needs. No longer do you have to hire speaker coordinators or use existing staff to chase collateral, gather contact information, maintain weekly updates, etc….the list goes on and on.  

Remember, our speaker services are just not for in-person events/conferences, but can also be for Virtual and Hybrid events and webinar series, as well.

What services can we offer our clients?

  • Speaker sourcing, pricing and negotiations
  • Develop an organized call for speakers’ process.
  • Speaker communications – Including scheduling meetings, documentation and pre conference information needed.
  • Collect and compile speaker bio’s, handouts and presentations
  • Serve as main point of contact for all speakers’ questions
    • Follow up correspondence as needed prior to convention to reconfirm commitment and secure any outstanding materials
  • Review with speakers the registration process, audio-visual requirements, hotel reservation process, etc.
  • Maintain a daily production schedule.
  • Coordination of all speaker travel manifests
  • Onsite speaker coordination, presentation collection and logistics
    • Upload all speaker electronic presentations as needed
  • Making sure all deliverables, payments and any benefits are fulfilled by the client.

Let us set up a FREE consultation to review your needs.

If you would like to see the other services my team can assist you with, please look on our Services Page.


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