In the ever hectic meetings and hospitality industry, I’ve found lately that I’m educating hoteliers about the difference between Bandwidth and Upload/Download speeds when it comes to internet.  So, I decided to put everything down in an quick and easy explanation.

Way back when wifi was first “important” in the meetings industry the buzz word was “BANDWIDTH”.  At that time there wasn’t multiple connections per person, but most likely if a presenter was going to need to access the “Internet” for his speech, you may have asked about this.  

Now with live broadcasting and incorporating Skype and GoToMeetings into your content its all about “SPEED”

Easy definition is:  Speed is bit rate of the circuit while bandwidth is the amount of “speed” available for use.  (Still scratching your head?)

Think of bandwidth as the highway. In the same way that more lanes can transport a higher volume of traffic, greater bandwidth can move data at a higher rate. Where as bandwidth is the carrying capacity, speed is the transfer rate.

So planners do you understand the need to understand your client’s internet needs and get specific with them.  Apps need bandwidth, streaming needs speed.

Hoteliers, when you read an RFP and just breeze over the question about internet, understand what it really being asked and if it isn’t easily explained, ask the right questions.  


Now in related news from my friends at SmartMeetings Magazine…

Expand Your Event’s Bandwidth with Wi-Fi 6

A new Wi-Fi advance could significantly increase the speed at which planners and attendees communicate with their tech at events. Wi-Fi 6, the newest generation of broadband could be coming to a ballroom near you. Wi-Fi 6 will have a much higher data rate than Wi-Fi 5—three times faster.


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