You would think in 2018 planners would not have to be weary about hotels sliding in “hidden charges”, but you must stay as vigilant as ever when you are working with hotel partners.  (Now this is not condemning ALL hotels or even certain chains, but a reminder that we are still dealing with entities that are here to make a profit.)




Did you know depending on the way the labor laws are written within the unions in the city your event is in, hotels will charge you to bring something as simple as a logo piece of chocolate!  I just had a hotel try to charge me even though they said they could not help me order it, nor could they make it onsite. Yet they want to charge me for them handling the product that they could not supply.

Another thing that I’ve come across lately, is that some hotels are changing their service charge in the middle of planners reviewing and signing off on BEOs. Where once you may not have even had to glance down at the bottom of where you’re signing, these days it may be helpful to triple check what you actually sign at the end of your BEO review. Most still do  send you an email letting you know of the increase, but don’t always think that will be the case. You can NEVER be too careful.

Last, but certainly not least, many of us who have larger stage sets come to find that it is common practice for the in-house AV to do the rigging for your equipment. Even if you bring in an outside company to handle your audio visual needs, make sure you know who will be responsible for it and the charges associated. Because you may find out that in certain parts of the country, hotels are saying that in-house AV HAS to also provide all the truss for the rigging. That also would include any truss that you work into your stage set.



A helpful clause in any hotel contract mentioning that any undisclosed costs are not the responsibility of the company having the event and that all costs need to be disclosed and agreed upon before they can be charged to the client.


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Susan M Schwartz · September 12, 2018 at 8:09 pm

I’m happy to report that in all the hotel-based
conferences, special events, and dinners, no hotel ever tried to do anything like you have discussed. However it is crucial to read your contract and ask questions before signing and scrutinize the invoices. All people make errors !

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