I’ve worked in the Hospitality Industry for over a quarter of a century.  As I start to reach middle age, I have spent much time lately looking over my life and of those around me. This brought me to realizing that there’s a lot of women working in entry level positions in the hospitality industry but not many women at the top, why would this be?

Could it be that working at the top in those executive positions for somebody else is just not part of the female DNA? Could it be that women feel like they can take care of people better if they stay in the trenches with everyone else?

What would a Lioness do?  As with many things right now, I think of a lioness; she doesn’t need to be empowered to go out and kill so that her pride has food to eat. She doesn’t have to be instructed, she just knows!  It’s ingrained in her from a young age that this is what she must do and what she has to accomplish for her pride and for her cubs.

As women we are inherently caregivers, not that we’re always there to please everybody above ourselves but we’re inherently there to take care of people around us especially the ones we care about. Could this possibly be the reason why so many women aren’t in top-level positions within the hospitality field?

Is it less about feeling empowered and more about what is in our DNA? Could this be the one true battle of figuring out what feels right and not what we don’t feel like we’re empowered to do?

I want to hear from you. Is this just in the Hospitality Industry?  Do you think the only way for women to really achieve their potential is to start their own company?  

Help me understand and do some market research so that we can Empower others to do what you’ve taken so long to accomplished.

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