With many of us canceling more events and conferences than we are planning, I’ve created a series of “Conference Challenges” to spark the creativity in you and inspire others.

Comment below with your solution to this challenge.  



Registration for 1,200 attendees used to be quite easy, get about 6 – two foot reg counters, split your group up between counters, grab some stanchions and boom….get ready for the attendees.  (I understand there are so many ways that pre-Covid we used to set up registration, especially if you have check in kiosks but this gives a pretty standard visual). 

Living in the Covid setting, you no longer want lines more than a handful spread out across reg counters and you certainly don’t want dozens of attendees waiting.  



How do you hold onsite registrations when you have hundreds of attendees and need to make sure you keep with social distancing and health standards?

How would you handle onsite registration to include:

  • Giving out name badges/lanyards
  • Updating a name badges onsite
  • Registering onsite
  • Giving out literature
  • Answering questions



#1 – Tradeshow post Covid-19

#2 – Face Masks part of the event.


If you have an idea for a scenario, click on the contact button and submit.



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