With many of us canceling more events and conferences than we are planning, I’ve created a series of “Conference Challenges” to spark the creativity in you and inspire others.

Comment below with your solution to this challenge.  

Conference Challenge #1 – Tradeshow post Covid-19

Yearly Conference of 1,100 attendees
Duration:  3 days

In years past, this event had a tradeshows of 50 – 10 x 10 booths.  The tradeshow is open for 2.5 hrs a day during lunch where attendees can visit the booths while also having a buffet lunch.  The tradeshow is set up in rows of side by side booths, the booths and lunch are all in one room. 

CHALLENGE:  With social distancing and new food/beverage restrictions on buffets, how can this size tradeshow be modified so it could happen post Covid-19 this year?  Your solution cannot be to no longer have this tradeshow, as it is a major revenue source for the association.


#2 – Face Masks part of the event.
#3 – Onsite Registration


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Zhay Robles · May 4, 2020 at 12:08 pm

Looking at space that is 25-50% more than their typical setup to have more Trade show Aisle Space and setting meal rounds placed at Rounds of 6-8 instead of 10 for Lunch. Also using Classroom tables on the perimeter on the wall to create “personalized seating” for ones that are really hesitant to eat with others during this time. Buffet’s that are more cafeteria style – using more pre/portioned meal boxes keeping food contamination at a minimum.

Jenny Needham · May 6, 2020 at 7:10 pm

This is a great idea to challenge us all to look at everything in a new way

Deborah Jenkins · May 11, 2020 at 3:56 pm

Good question! I think many people are missing the face to face interactions that events like these provide. Nothing beats in-person communications and these trade shows and conferences will continue at some point. I do pray that there will be upgraded safety measures added to include capacity controls, greater sanitation measures, virtual attendance options, and encouragement of folks to stay away if they aren’t feeling well.

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